Welcome Shipmates

Welcome to your USS ATKA-AGB-3 Website. Through the help of a few friends, a relative and very little cash outlay we are very happy and excited to be able to make this site available to you.

After our first and great reunion in Boston in June of 2002, many shipmates mentioned the possibility of another reunion, which we had in June of 2003 in Pittsburgh, and maybe a newsletter. I think George DeRosa was "Elected" chairman of coming events for year 2002. Somewhere along the way someone mentioned a website and I opened my big mouth. So here we are, your www.ussatka.org. Website- -Check it out.

George sent out newsletters in July and October. Those of you who may have not received one or misplaced it, just click on "Newsletter"

The purpose of this site and our USS ATKA origination is to keep our shipmates informed and in touch with coming events and maybe the whereabouts of our friends and shipmates.

For most of us, this new electronic age might be a little intimidating and a little far out but for those of us that have ventured into the realm of cyberspace you may enjoy browsing through the site to check on the short history of the ship, some old buddies and coming events.

Keep in mind this site is new and basic in it's structure and contents. We welcome and encourage your comments, criticism and suggestions. With your help I'm sure we can build a good, informative and exciting site. Let us know what you think

Some suggestions:

Memories-- Interesting stories--Comments on the last reunion--Suggestions for future events--Ship Store

Any shipmate or member of the USS ATKA ASSOCIATION who wishes to have their names, addresses, telephone numbers, rate, rank, years served or E-mail address posted under "Members" may do so free of charge simply by contacting me under "Contact Us"

We will be looking forward to your response.

Thank You.
Phil P.

Contact me at phil@philswoodshop.com